Feed for fish larvae. Obtaining feed at home.

To feed the FRY suitable organisms called "edible dust", which consists of Rotifer, infuzorij, naupliusy. "Edible dust" appears in the stagnant water bodies in the warm season. Best "dust" to feed the FRY is red. Feeding the feed useful: Malki all ikromečuŝih fish grow rapidly and reach sizes to absorb a larger feed. You can at any time, to have such feed at home. To maintain the artificial culture of the most useful, because maintaining infusoria and culture of shellfish complex lesson.

Infuzoriâ (infusoria)

Of the many types of infuzorij main Chair caudatum, sizes from 0.1 to 0.3 mm. The body shape resembles a sole shoes shoes really. Infusoria and moving very quickly. Its existence in water depends on the availability of decaying organic matter. Naked eye infusoria and seem to be moving points, but with a good lens can be seen that the creatures. Newborn brood well see them and eat in large quantities. For the tiny FRY infusoria and indispensable: a large part of FRY just perish. Get infuzoriû can be in any standing body.


Infusoria and easily bred at home at different growth media. As a breeding, you can use the banana peel, hay, milk, cleaning of potatoes, peas, beans. Breeding difficulties in obtaining pure cultures are in cleaning up infuzorij from harmful bacteria. Breeding take trehlitrovuû Bank, the us fill it on 2/3 water put banana peels in the fifth part of the Bank. When the water in the pot pomutneet, breeding is ready and you can run infuzorij, taken from the water. If Bank too muddy water, then probably you shifted crusts banana and infusoria and copying cannot be done. It is recommended that you prepare a few cans with breeding, if breeding fail in one another.

To get a clean culture infusorians-shoes under the glass pipette should take 20-25 members and put them in breeding. Infusoria and reproduce well at a temperature of 19-23 degrees. Multiply by dividing and dividing point occurs at least once a day. Under favourable conditions, after a week of infuzorij can be seen as a whitish mass moving dots. For the permanent withdrawal you will need the stock of dried banana crusts. When the Bank would again infusoria and with the old solution is enough to throw a banana peel, and a few days later, it would appear again infusorians. To continuously maintain a culture of infuzorij, kipâčenoe need to add 5 drops of milk at 100 cm3 no more often than once a month.

Kolovratka (Rotatoria)

Sizes range from 40 mm to 2 mm. Breed in summer when the water will get warm. They live till late autumn, some species even before winter. It is found in stagnant waters. Rotifer bred artificially. Breeding-hay. For breeding 10-15 grams per litre of water is heated hay. Then stand for 2-3 days, filter and diluted two litres of boiled water. Then pour a litre of water from the reservoir with kolovratkami. Temperature 22-30 degrees of breeding. Within a few days of Rotifer multiply. As conditions in view of the animal was in the Bank add boiled water with two drops of milk. Feeding aquarium fish. Artificial feed

Substitute "edible dust" can be boiled egg yolk. To do this, a small portion of the yolk rastiraût in water taken from the Aquarium, then drops anything goes in place of concentrations of juvenile fish. Not reach feed pollutes water. The yolk should be small portions every 2-3 hours. You can feed dry milk powder, which for a long time sinks, and Malki can completely eat. Milk powder suitable for fish larvae of many species. For some young fit the refined ground into powder dried Daphnia and Cyclops, motyl. As already mentioned the feed was to give frequently, but in small portions as excess feed spoil the water.